Loyal Loot x Alberta Craft Council

Artist reception: Saturday, September 28 from 2-4pm

We are all in this together. The actions we take as makers and consumers have a major impact on future generations. Many artists are achieving and exploring sustainability in holistic and thoughtful ways while working toward a greater good. The most effective and enduring forms of sustainability incorporate environmental, social and economic measures. Re:consider is a curated, group exhibition that contemplates ways we can craft a sustainable future. (text courtesy of Alberta Craft website: http://www.albertacraft.ab.ca/feature-gallery/)

Loyal Loot has been producing and selling Log Bowls since 2004. With sustainability in mind, each bowl is handmade using locally reclaimed trees of all varieties (fallen or cut down due to infrastructure or inclement weather). The trees are hand selected, gathered, turned and finished by Loyal Loot Collective and local artisans. Log Bowls come in a wide variety of colours and are refined by hand with a water-based, furniture grade finish.

To reduce the environmental impact footprint further, included in this exhibition, the original design has been refined, using natural stone pigments sourced in Canada, and a beeswax finish.

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