Upcoming Exhibits / OTB / Toronto and Brooklyn

We are thrilled to be exhibiting our work in ‘Outside the Box’ at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival January 16-22 2017 and NYCxDESIGN - Wanted Design Brooklyn May 17-23, 2017.

‘Outside the Box’ Shipped across the country in Bankers boxes, this annual traveling exhibition presents a dozen distinct national and international showcases each year. Working with local correspondents, each box houses a collection of thoughtfully designed objects, reflecting the particular resources and makers of that area. 

OTB is a project by Toronto Design offsite Festival and Wanted Design. otbexhibition.com

Participating City — Edmonton / Correspondent — Vivian HT
A city of self-made creators, hidden from the world in the frozen north. We make things for ourselves first, once our craft has passed the litmus test of our peers we send it out into the world to be discovered. 

Location Details 

Gladstone Hotel Art Hut — 1181 Queen Street West — Toronto — Canada — January 16-22,  2017.
WantedDesign Brooklyn Industry City — 220 36th Street in Sunset Park — Brooklyn — NY — May 17-23 2017.

outside the box

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